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How to calculate the ROI of your CRO program

CRO is an investment. Make sure it grows.

The objective of a conversion rate optimization (CRO) program is simple – to get more value out of your existing audience.

For any business that invests resources in getting people to their website, this should be a critical piece of the strategy. Search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, blogging, SEO, and many other promotional efforts are intended to drive people to the same destination hub – your website.

Website is your destination hub

Because your website is the critical path for customer acquisition, a small increase in conversion rate has great scale, and therefore, great impact.

Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that when it comes to investing time in CRO versus other marketing expenditures, like putting more money into PPC, we tend to lack an objective way to evaluate the decision. This lack of objectivity leads us to justify CRO without a clear or compelling KPI to back it up, and can lead to under-investment.

Let’s solve that problem.

In this post, I’m going to review how digital advertisers evaluate and justify their media budgets, show you a way to similarly calculate your return on CRO, and review some reasons why a CRO program may not always provide you with a positive return.

Ready? Let’s go.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

5 Signs That It Is Time To Invest In Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization Signs

Companies operating in today’s dynamic and the highly competitive digital world should ideally understand the digital body language of their users and create world-class experiences to optimize conversions. These conversions could be form submissions, newsletter subscriptions, content downloads, products/service purchases, etc. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a continuous method of improvement which can help convert passive website visitors into active users and accomplish your online business goals. Based on your website performance (gauged through quantitative data using analytics) and user feedback (qualitative data acquired from customer reviews, surveys, social sentiments, etc.), figuring out what your visitors are looking for when they come to any of your digital platforms (desktop site, mobile site or mobile apps) and create a frictionless experience, is the main objective of this initiative. In simple words, conversion rate optimization is finding WHY your visitors are not converting and fixing it for the optimum results.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

5 Key Goals Ecommerce Players Can Accomplish Using Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization for Ecommerce

If people visited my online store all day long and left without buying anything, my immediate concern as a store owner would be “why are there no purchases being made?” My next immediate priority would be to figure out what can be done to influence my visitors to make that purchase. As on online business owner, just spending money to drive traffic is not going to help. In order to see success in a store’s conversion rate, ecommerce players have to understand customers better, reduce friction, improve the layout of their online store and address the bottlenecks in a visitor’s shopping experience. And this is where Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) steps in.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization – 8 Key Things To Remember

Conversion Rate

Why is conversion rate optimization (CRO) becoming one of the fastest growing practices in digital space today? The answer is business growth that can be achieved by doing more with the same resources. CRO, when implemented and executed well, can help increase sales and leads from a website without having to up the number of web visitors. When sales increase, businesses make more money, which in turn reduces the financial burden of having to spend on huge advertising budgets. Businesses then get that extra room to invest more than their competitors and better their market shares.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

6 Lessons learnt from our recent Conversion Rate Optimization projects

Conversion Rate Optimization Lessons

One of the important goals in any digital marketer’s checklist is to increase the conversion rate – to make visitors engage better with the website and entice them to follow the path that you want them to follow – fill out the registration form, purchase your product or service, download further information, and so on. For optimizing your conversion rate, you have to track what your visitors are looking for when they arrive on your site and swiftly and simply give it to them. Alas! Only if it was that simple!

Conversion rate optimization has become a specialized field in the world of digital analytics. At Nabler, we have a separate team that handles CRO for our clients full-time. Even a slight change in the color of a button, or minor edits in the words used in the CTA can move the conversion rate towards red or green – the opportunities are many, but how do digital markets make the right choices from the variety of options available?

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Grow your online business with Conversion Rate Optimization

Most digital marketers are worried about making any changes to their current website. If things are going okay, they are often anxious about change as those tweaks might hamper the conversion rate further. Or, they might end up investing in a lot of design changes and notice no resultant improvement in the conversion rate. So,
the process of conversion rate optimization is often ignored or only minor or “safe” changes are made to the website. This makes the website stale and marketers don’t get the opportunity to understand how they can increase conversion rate on a consistent basis.

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