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Digital Analytics

Being a Manager of Web Analytics, How Should I Prepare Myself for the Upcoming Holiday Season?

Web Analytics

As we are approaching the Holiday Season of the year and lots of pressure and excitement is building up; it’s important that, being a Web Analytics Manager, we proactively lay the foundation for this upcoming holiday season, and facilitate an environment where there is less chaos. So; here is a post I would like to dedicate to my Web Analytics Manager Friends and Colleagues, who works day and night to serve the business teams, and constantly strive to find opportunities for Site and Marketing Budget Optimization.

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Testing & Optimization

Understanding the Difference between A/B & Multivariate Testing and Usability Testing

Testing & Optimization


What is the difference between A/B & Multivariate Testing and Usability Testing?

Remember the last time you were involved in making a critical decision about your site? You may have faced an internal struggle to find the optimum balance between functional requirements and the business goals. You want your site to be the go-to destination for your customers and prospects. You also want your site to meet the business targets you have set and generate ROI.

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Predictive Analytics

How Predictive Analytics helps VP of Digital Marketing make Better Decisions?

Predictive Analytics

Role of Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics is a very new domain when it comes to the field of online marketing and e-commerce. Some online players still consider it complex, something, which is difficult to sell to the executives considering, a huge investment it requires in terms of hardware, statistical tools, and most importantly, the right people in-house. On the contrary, we have online players, who have realized the potential of this concept, and have already started investing in this area either, by building their in-house team of Predictive Analytics or, outsourcing to a team of experts offering automated predictive solutions. With markets becoming more competitive by the day, data size exploding, and ‘big data’ concepts becoming increasingly important, the role of predictive analytics in selecting the right set of information, identifying the underlying hidden patterns, and providing in-depth actionable insights is becoming indispensable to sustain and be equally competitive in the industry. But, Predictive Analytics-driven recommendations are incomplete in isolation, because even the best of insights may go unheeded if, the right people in the company are not approached. Here at Nabler, we have experienced that, even the VP of Digital Marketing needs support from the Senior Executives by presenting a solid business case for investment before, he/she teams up with Sales, IT, and their Support Desk. Being a VP of Digital Marketing, you can choose the Predictive Analytics technology, vendor or solution, but when it comes to big data, it’s about collaboration and data sharing.

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A New Platform for Thought Building: Nabler’s Corporate Blog

For the past few years, we have been running our blog webanalyticsindia.com. When we started blogging, we wanted to focus on sharing some of the tips and tricks we had learned. So the focus was to write posts that were more tactical in nature.

However, we also now feel the need to share things at an organisation level. Irrespective of the many years we have been in operation, we still feel young as an organisation. We are excited at the new things that are happening within the industry. We are always trying to change things within our company. And we want to share some of these updates to people who follow our company – as employees, customers and partners.

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