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Digital Analytics

What Should Digital Analytics Professionals Look For In 2015?

After basking in the glory of success the whole of 2014, digital analytics has rung in the New Year with expected fanfare. And as analytics experts are opining, in 2015 it will further consolidate its position in the data-powered corporate world. One of IDC’s 2015 CIO predictions gives us a great point to reflect on the impact of analytics. According to it, by 2018, 30% of global enterprises will be adopting a company-wide analytics strategy.

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Is Death For Banner Ads Just A Matter Of Time?

Remember October 27, 1994? The day on which something phenomenal happened on then incipient Internet—banner ads saw the light of day—courtesy of HotWired.com. Though the copy of the original banner ad was pleasantly simple, yet it marked the arrival of a new era in online advertising. In the next two decades that followed till now, this form of advertising once enjoying the status of a galactico has been relegated to the sidelines with click-through rates touching an appallingly low 0.08%. So, are banner ads having one foot in the grave?

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Digital Marketing

Top 10 Trends in Digital Marketing to look for in the year 2015

As we move to the New Year, we look ahead to what will be the major trends in digital marketing. While the fundamentals of marketing are the same, there are a lot of changes to consider for today’s smart marketers to have a handle on what’s important and what’s next. If the changes in 2014 are an indicator, there will be a lot more changes in 2015. So what new should we expect in Digital Marketing this year?

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Tag Management

Nabler brings increased efficiency in Digital Analytics with launch of Tag Management Services

The services make it easier for companies to manage their tag management solution and keep the data analytics-ready for accelerated and integrated digital marketing.

Nabler, a global digital analytics company, now offers end-to-end tag management services to help companies reduce their dependency on IT teams for transferring and managing their marketing and analytics tracking pixels to a Tag Management Solution (TMS).

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KPI Workshop

Conduct KPI Workshop prior to analytics tool implementation to optimize your analytics process

Transform your analytics reports from being FYI to FYA

Over the past couple of years Nabler has been involved in many implementation projects with various tools such as Google Analytics, Omniture SiteCatalyst (Adobe Analytics), Webtrends, and Mixpanel.  We have also conducted numerous audits of existing implementations and provided recommendations on how to enhance the tracking
so that it aligns with the needs of the different business teams. Based on our experience of working on such projects we have now standardized a process in which implementation projects starts with a KPI Discovery Workshop.

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All That’s New @ Nabler This Year

At Nabler, we consistently strive to invigorate our offerings every year. We adapt our services and management focus based on changing business trends, online consumer behavior, newer marketing channels, and new ways of gathering smart and actionable insights. We help our clients shift their focus from considering analytics as an enabler to being a ROI driven platform.

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Mobile Analytics

The top 10 metrics for a powerful mobile dashboard

We are moving our dashboards up a notch! In the process of creating a customized dashboard for reporting mobile traffic, we had some interesting discussions about which metrics to include and how this dashboard should be different from the existing site-level dashboard? Through this post I am presenting my personal set of metrics that
was proposed to the team:

1) Mobile Sessions: This is the most rudimentary of all KPIs that no dashboard can do without. This metric is great to understand some key attributes of your visitors by using different dimensions. Which devices are your visitors using? What percentage of these devices are tablets? Which brand of devices do they prefer? Which service providers do they use? My personal favorite though is to apply the ‘Mobile and Tablet Traffic’ segment to the location reports (especially cities) to understand how mobile traffic from different cities is similar or different. I also take a quick look to see the sessions report broken down by the mobile operating systems and browser (set as the secondary dimension).

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Digital Analytics

Top five trends that are rocking the digital analytics world

At the beginning of every year, Nabler comes up with some exciting trends to watch for in the upcoming year and how the online businesses should prepare themselves to capitalize these wonderful opportunities and improvise their macro indicators. So, here are the top 5 trends to look for in the year 2014 from a digital analytics perspective:

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Digital Analytics

How digital analytics has changed in the last decade?

Ten years is a not really a long period of time, but when it comes to technology it can be a very long period indeed. Nabler is celebrating its tenth anniversary and I feel privileged to have been a part of this wonderful journey for the past six years. During my time here at Nabler I have not just witnessed the growth of Nabler from a small team to more than 100 people today.

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Universal Analytics

Top 10 reasons why you should upgrade to Universal Analytics



Thus, the public beta of Universal Analytics was opened to all. We saw a lot of discussions about the benefits of Universal Analytics. Google provided specific instructions on how to move to Universal Analytics. Google Analytics loyalists also soon followed up with more detailed and user-friendly explanations to help the millions of other Google Analytics users.

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