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Conversion Rate Optimization

6 Lessons learnt from our recent Conversion Rate Optimization projects

Conversion Rate Optimization Lessons

One of the important goals in any digital marketer’s checklist is to increase the conversion rate – to make visitors engage better with the website and entice them to follow the path that you want them to follow – fill out the registration form, purchase your product or service, download further information, and so on. For optimizing your conversion rate, you have to track what your visitors are looking for when they arrive on your site and swiftly and simply give it to them. Alas! Only if it was that simple!

Conversion rate optimization has become a specialized field in the world of digital analytics. At Nabler, we have a separate team that handles CRO for our clients full-time. Even a slight change in the color of a button, or minor edits in the words used in the CTA can move the conversion rate towards red or green – the opportunities are many, but how do digital markets make the right choices from the variety of options available?

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Digital Analytics

Top 5 Hacks to simplify your Digital Analytics

Simplify Digital Analytics

For the time being, think of yourself as a commander who is leading a large contingent of soldiers in the battlefield. No doubt, you are gutsy, hard-boiled, and have that killer instinct to mince your opponent. But hey, do you have the right intelligence about where your enemy excels or what is their Achilles heel? If not, then you are unfit for the battle. And, the best tactic left before you is to beat a hasty retreat or die. Battles can only be won when you analyze every bit of information about the enemy and then strategize accordingly. Now, draw a parallel between this and your digital-heavy business. Here also, you will have to gain insights into the quirks and foibles of the traffic that comes to your digital properties: desktop website, mobile website, or mobile application. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds; you need a full-blown digital analytics setup to analyze the data captured from various data points.

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Tag Management

Top 10 benefits of Tag Management for Digital Marketers

Tag Management

Digital marketing has now become a little less than rocket science and the marketers have to deal with a lot of new technologies and disruptive changes while bringing in new customers at a high ROI. This requires the use of right technologies and tools that can help marketers react to change quickly and generate better results each time. In an earlier blog article, we had discussed tag management, its importance, and some general benefits it offers to IT experts, analytics teams, and marketing managers. Tags are an essential part of any digital marketer’s life as they have to be implemented and managed for all kinds of software packages used for digital analytics, personalization, retargeting, affiliate marketing, and so on. 87 percent of digital marketers believe that tag management is key to their online success (source: eMarketer). In this blog, we would like to explore some practical benefits that tag management can bring, especially for the modern digital marketer.

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Google Analytics

10 cool Google Analytics tricks that will make you a Pro

Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) is the tool of choice for most companies, whether they have a modest or a formidable digital presence. Although this analytics solution offers almost everything that a business might ask for; there are still not-so-well-known tricks that can be used to squeeze some more insights out of Google Analytics. You might already be using some of them, but read on to know how you can do more with your Google Analytics implementation.

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Digital Analytics

Is your Digital Analytics Roadmap ready for 2016?

Digital Analytics Roadmap

Our enterprise clients always ask an important question at the beginning of every financial year: how should we smartly plan our upcoming financial year from a digital analytics perspective?  

If we go a little bit deeper into this question, what they are actually trying to ask would include:

  1. What kind of initiatives they should run in the upcoming financial year?
  2. What kind of short-term and long-term goals should they have?
  3. What initiatives will drive better engagement and conversion rates?
  4. What kind of budget do they need to set aside to pursue these initiatives?
  5. How should they go about prioritizing these initiatives?
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Marketing Analytics

Why is Marketing Performance Analytics crucial for your Digital Marketing efforts?

Marketing Performance Analytics

With the fast-paced development of the digital platform, there has been an upsurge in the demand for robust digital marketing strategies. Quite inevitably, the online marketing arena is going through a constant evolution. Numerous online marketing strategies are being devised, and innumerable acquisition channels are getting added to the digital ecosystem. However, the success of these marketing efforts depends on marketing performance analytics to a great extent.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics 360 Suite launch is a start of Google Enterprise Journey

Google 360


Google Analytics 360 Suite is not a mystery anymore. We have been hearing about this since last Partner Summit in June 2015 and finally, Google made a big announcement this week and released a fully loaded enterprise suite in comparison to the Adobe Marketing Cloud, who is an incumbent player in the enterprise sector and has gained significant market share over these years. With this launch, Google has transitioned from a niche technology player to an enterprise goliath who is ready to take on the challenge of establishing cloud-based platforms like IBM, Adobe, and Oracle.

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Text Mining

Unraveling the hidden potential of Business Data with Text Mining

Crucial business data is an important asset for every business establishment. Businesses have to deal with both unstructured and semi-structured data sets that are getting generated at the speed of thought. Sources of these data sets might range from social media, application forms, call center records, streaming data from emails, as well as electronic text.

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Usability Analysis

10 ways Usability Analysis can boost your website performance

Is your website performing as per your expectations and that of your visitors? Today’s websites are becoming highly interactive, complex, and packed with features. In pursuit of making the website that has it all, designers sometimes give lower consideration to the usability factor of the site. If a visitor can engage and interact effectively with your website then it can build loyalty and trust with your brand, but a poor performing website will do just the opposite. Optimizing website usability is such a vast field that Nabler has built an Optimization Center of Excellence. Every year we help our clients enhance their website performance through in-depth usability analysis. Here are 10 ways usability analysis can help:
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Tag Management

How a popular audio technology leader achieved better Digital Analytics & Page Load Times using Google Tag Manager?

Page load timing is one of the most important factors in website design and implementation, and every millisecond can have a big impact on how your visitor perceives your website and brand. A slow website will turn-off visitors immediately and make them bounce. We have observed many times that companies start off with a good,
clean website that performs well but as the company grows, the website goes through a lot of changes, the addition of third party tools for different activities and features, irrelevant tagging, broken codes, and so on. These might cause the website to slow down significantly.

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