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Why Firebase Analytics (and not Google Analytics) for your mobile app analytics?

Firebase Analytics

With shifting technology and usage behavior, mobile applications are seeing a higher priority from businesses. As the investment in mobile increases, there is also a demand for detailed analytics from apps. Business stakeholders who approved the investment in the apps want to measure if they are achieving the business objectives.

Organizations want to understand the entire view of the customer, starting from decision to download the app through until the conversions in the mobile app. As a Consulting Organization, we have seen a lot of tools developed over the years to try and address this need through various methods. Back in 2012, when Google came in with their mobile app analytics solution, it was already late. Despite the few success stories, it was always a tough uphill effort to catch up with established players. In 2014, they acquired Firebase which was much superior to Google Analytics for mobile apps. If your organization uses only mobile apps, Firebase Analytics is the go-to tool for you.

Why you ask?

Firebase Analytics is user and event based while Google Analytics is best for a session and page based reality

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Mobile websites and apps – the undisputed rock stars of 2014 that put the ecommerce stage on fire

As “always connected” is becoming the new motto of our digitized world, the spectrum of mobile devices on the ground is representing that transformation like true brand ambassadors. Hence, it is not surprising that consumers are getting accustomed to a mobile-driven experience when shopping online. According to Criteo’s state of mobile commerce report (4th quarter, 2014), mobile eats up 30% of the global e-commerce sales pie.

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