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Know the health of your analytics implementation in 5 steps

In the digital arena, all types of businesses like to make an impact in the online world. They invest heavily on building a website which is a crucial entry point for consumers. Such hefty investment leads us to a very important set of questions revolving around whether it is working for their business or not. So, knowing the performance of your website is imperative to gauge the return on your investment.

Measuring is always a second step, with the very first step being getting the measurement tools in place. Before taking an important decision based on the performance metrics, you should make sure that the measurement tools are properly set up and that the data coming through is accurate. From the web analytics stand point, this means that the analytics implementation (be it Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics) should be comprehensive, flawless and as per the best practices.

In this blog, we have listed down 5 important checks you should carry out to know the health of analytics implementation on your website. You can carry out these checks for any website and not just yours. To keep the explanation simple, I have considered GA implementation here. You might have to convert these ideas based on the analytics tool you use.

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