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Text Mining

Unraveling the hidden potential of Business Data with Text Mining

Crucial business data is an important asset for every business establishment. Businesses have to deal with both unstructured and semi-structured data sets that are getting generated at the speed of thought. Sources of these data sets might range from social media, application forms, call center records, streaming data from emails, as well as electronic text.

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Usability Analysis

10 ways Usability Analysis can boost your website performance

Is your website performing as per your expectations and that of your visitors? Today’s websites are becoming highly interactive, complex, and packed with features. In pursuit of making the website that has it all, designers sometimes give lower consideration to the usability factor of the site. If a visitor can engage and interact effectively with your website then it can build loyalty and trust with your brand, but a poor performing website will do just the opposite. Optimizing website usability is such a vast field that Nabler has built an Optimization Center of Excellence. Every year we help our clients enhance their website performance through in-depth usability analysis. Here are 10 ways usability analysis can help:
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Tag Management

How a popular audio technology leader achieved better Digital Analytics & Page Load Times using Google Tag Manager?

Page load timing is one of the most important factors in website design and implementation, and every millisecond can have a big impact on how your visitor perceives your website and brand. A slow website will turn-off visitors immediately and make them bounce. We have observed many times that companies start off with a good,
clean website that performs well but as the company grows, the website goes through a lot of changes, the addition of third party tools for different activities and features, irrelevant tagging, broken codes, and so on. These might cause the website to slow down significantly.

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Mobile Analytics

Top 10 ways E-Commerce companies can benefit through Mobile Analytics

There is no denying the fact that e-commerce and m-commerce are both on the rise and will grow even further in the coming years. Businesses are jumping on the train and offering all sorts of digital commerce solutions for their customers, but sadly that is not enough. In the device-obsessed world coping with the massive information deluge, e-commerce companies are finding it hard to stand out, personalize their offerings, and beat the competition.

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Customer Lifetime Value Analysis

Why should you perform Customer Lifetime Value Analysis?

Do you know who your best customers are? Are you able to retain those customers and make them loyal? Do you know the customers that are most likely to deflect and turn to competition? How much money can you spend on retaining your customers and still remain profitable? These are some of the questions that all the digital marketers must have an answer to.

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