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Digital Analytics

Top 10 Digital Analytics Trends of 2015

Changes in the digital world and development of new technologies directly have an impact on the digital analytics space. Businesses are perpetually questioning all the decisions they make. They want to optimize each process, reduce the time taken for every activity, generate the maximum returns from their investments; and analytics is the key that can unlock all these benefits. But to deal with the data deluge, organizations are shunning the traditional ways and increasingly opting for actionable and quick analytics at every step of their digital journey.

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Digital Analytics

The Clash of the Titans – Google Analytics Premium vs. Adobe SiteCatalyst

If you wish to acquire more customers, generate more sales or identify a new market segment, you need a comprehensive and powerful data analytics tool to assist you. Such a system can provide an almost limitless supply of data and insights, which you can use to maximize your ROI.

While there are a number of analytics software programs, two of the most popular ones are Analytics Premium from Google and SiteCatalyst from Adobe. Each tool has its sets of strengths and weakness, a few of which have been described in great detail in the article.

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Tag Management

An Introduction to Tag Management

With the exponential growth in the digital world, most organizations are now using various types of digital marketing solutions and techniques simultaneously. They make use of complex enterprise analytics solutions to make sense of data and strive to optimize their analytical and digital marketing capabilities. Tag management is a crucial technique that can help companies collect more accurate and standardized data from a variety of sources, and increase website performance. It enables analysts to better govern their analytics tools and tests. A tag is typically the first place to start when dealing with digital analytics, so here are some details on what tag management is all about.

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Sentiment Analysis

Customer Sentiment Analysis: A crucial need in E-Commerce Data Initiatives

Customer opinion is vital to consumer brand success. Move beyond positive and negative, to find the real tone of what’s been said.

Experts estimate that E-commerce companies lose 10 billion dollars’ worth in revenue per year as they are unable to capitalize on the intelligence found in hard-to-parse data such as emails, chats, social media posts, text and more.

However, savvy companies are embracing the need to extricate data as a competitive advantage to determine customer needs and predict their behavior.

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Google Analytics

Nabler achieves Google Analytics Certified Partner status

Nabler is now a Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP).

Nabler Web Solutions has entered into a strategic agreement with Google to become a Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP) and an authorized reseller for Google Analytics Premium (GAP) solution. As a GACP Partner and a GAP reseller, Nabler offers a variety of specialized services to help clients achieve maximum value from their Google Analytics Premium investments.

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