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Would Apple Pay, NFC, And Wearables Turn Out To Be The Disruption Heroes Of 2015?

At this point of time each year, the tech horizon glitters with a congregation of rising trends and fads. Along with other strong contenders this year, Apple Pay, NFC, and wearables are hotting up the scene. But the question is; will the trio be able to live up to the hype? Or will the excitement melt away after the next 12 months? Let’s check it out without scratching our heads.

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Mobile Apps

Mobile websites and apps – the undisputed rock stars of 2014 that put the ecommerce stage on fire

As “always connected” is becoming the new motto of our digitized world, the spectrum of mobile devices on the ground is representing that transformation like true brand ambassadors. Hence, it is not surprising that consumers are getting accustomed to a mobile-driven experience when shopping online. According to Criteo’s state of mobile commerce report (4th quarter, 2014), mobile eats up 30% of the global e-commerce sales pie.

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