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All That’s New @ Nabler This Year

At Nabler, we consistently strive to invigorate our offerings every year. We adapt our services and management focus based on changing business trends, online consumer behavior, newer marketing channels, and new ways of gathering smart and actionable insights. We help our clients shift their focus from considering analytics as an enabler to being a ROI driven platform.

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Mobile Analytics

The top 10 metrics for a powerful mobile dashboard

We are moving our dashboards up a notch! In the process of creating a customized dashboard for reporting mobile traffic, we had some interesting discussions about which metrics to include and how this dashboard should be different from the existing site-level dashboard? Through this post I am presenting my personal set of metrics that
was proposed to the team:

1) Mobile Sessions: This is the most rudimentary of all KPIs that no dashboard can do without. This metric is great to understand some key attributes of your visitors by using different dimensions. Which devices are your visitors using? What percentage of these devices are tablets? Which brand of devices do they prefer? Which service providers do they use? My personal favorite though is to apply the ‘Mobile and Tablet Traffic’ segment to the location reports (especially cities) to understand how mobile traffic from different cities is similar or different. I also take a quick look to see the sessions report broken down by the mobile operating systems and browser (set as the secondary dimension).

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