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Testing & Optimization

Homepage Testing – For how long should it go?

Homepage Testing

designer drawing website development wireframeThat’s the most popular question we have faced during our Testing and Optimization efforts with our clients. This simple sounding but very important question asks a lot of itself. And the answer is that the duration depends upon the achievement of goals of the test and also upon the confidence level attained so far.

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Predictive Analytics

How much data is enough data for Predictive Analytics?

Fotolia_59416124_S-2-624x573There has been a long-standing discussion among statisticians, as to what should be the sample size for any kind of advanced statistical analysis. Over time, this has led to a number of calculated solutions to mitigate the problem. The topic is embroiling, hence keeping the readers in mind, we will explore this debate on sample
size, how to quickly come up with a sample size for a particular case, and study some practical relatable examples.

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Mobile App Testing Testing & Optimization

Why is it difficult to conduct an A/B test on a Mobile App?

As the gap between desktop and mobile devices is narrowing down and usages of these different devices are overlapping, optimization of efforts by methods such as A/B Testing is also becoming severely important for the mobile platform.

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Digital Analytics

How to protect the integrity and quality of your digital analytics data?

data security

A Universal ChallengeSecurity concept: pixelated Umbrella icon on digital background, 3d render

Having worked with clients for more than five years in the field of digital analytics, I have noticed that one of the major roadblocks towards wider acceptance and use of analytics data is the lingering doubt about the data’s accuracy. In reality, managers would accept the reports we churn out, however, we know, based on the decisions they are making, that they have not wholeheartedly accepted them. Let us face it, after all, why should the decision makers trust the data we are presenting to them? In all likelihood, the Web Analytics System (the people, platforms, and processes) exist and work as a separate unit, rather than as part of the data user’s team.

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Google Analytics

Tips to gauge the performance of last year’s holiday season

webmarketing sales funnel with metal spheres inside plus a blue target with some balls on it, illustration isolated over white.

The holiday season has come to an end; we are now in the new year! It is time to distil all the web analytics data we have collected in Google Analytics, and reflect on the lessons we have learned. The insights gained from the 2013 holiday season will help us optimize our efforts throughout 2014.

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